My name is Carlee and I started my journey to becoming a Certified Sleep Consultant three years ago after my first son was born. As new parents, my husband and I thought being sleep deprived was just part of being a parent. It wasn’t long until we were at our breaking point and needed to get some sleep. My sister-in-law gave us the Sleep Sense book and I read it front to back…twice! We started our sleep training journey and it was life changing! Within days our son was sleeping better and so were we. Each day got a little better until we were no longer deprived of sleep and we could really start enjoying our new little baby.

Weeks before the birth of our second son I read the book again; I wasn’t taking any chances this time and wanted to have a head start on making sure we all got the sleep we needed. It is because of this I fully believe we never actually had to sleep train him; we set ourselves and him up for success before he was even born.

While on maternity leave with my second son I really wanted to find a career path that was more aligned with my passions and desire to help others. That’s when I learned about becoming a Certified Sleep Consultant through Dana Obleman, author of Sleep Sense. How perfect! I was already trying to offer up my advice on sleep training to all my friends and now I could become certified and broaden my reach of people that I could help.

Since completing the training in October of 2018 I have been lucky enough to work with families and help them get the sleep they need and deserve. The approach I take is a loving and caring one that is personalized to each family and situation. I offer support and coaching for expecting parents and parents of newborns that will help you and your child develop healthy sleep habits that will be with you for life. I also offer coaching for parents of older babies and toddlers and help in identifying what is causing sleep issues in your child’s life. All of my services include personalized plans that are tailored to each child/family and designed to ensure success.




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