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12 weeks of coaching - $475 Book

Preparing for a new baby can almost be as stressful as having a new baby at home. With the Prenatal package I will help parents understand the importance of sleep for a new baby, how to start a routine as soon as baby is born, complete a nursery check to ensure baby has a safe happy place to rest. When you set yourself and your baby up for success right from birth you are giving them the tools they need to develop healthy sleep habits for life.

Preliminary Questionnaire (newborns only)

This questionnaire will help me understand the baby’s sleep habits and learn about the parent’s expectations.

60 Minute Consultation

By phone, facetime or in home. We will discuss strategies to deal with naps and night time waking’s. This is great time to bring up any concerns or questions.

Personalized Sleep Plan

I will create a personalized sleep plan based on the questionnaire and consultation. This plan will cater to your baby’s current needs and will have a step-by-step guide to help your baby create the foundations for healthy sleep habits.

Follow Up Email Support

One email a week for 12 weeks to guide you through the many changes babies go through in this time.

In home consultation

Calgary & Okotoks

Half Night in Home Support

Comes with age appropriate package, in home support from before bedtime until midnight. I will be there to guide you and support you through what is sometimes the toughest part of training.


Full Night in Home Support

Comes with age appropriate package, in home support from before bedtime until 7am. When night time waking’s are becoming too much to handle I can be there to guide and support.



Unlimited Night 1 Text Support - $75

4 hours unlimited text support at bedtime with purchase of applicable package

Additional Week of Email/Text Support - $75

For current clients that need a little more support.

Refresher - $150

For previous clients facing setbacks or new challenges. 1 hr video or phone chat, custom plan to manage current issues, 2 weeks follow up support.

Additional child - $100

Parents needing help with more than one child at a time.

Book With Carlee

Carlee supported me beyond what I could have ever expected. Such a kind soul!

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