(3 Months)




Preparing for a new baby can almost be as stressful as having a new baby at home. With the Prenatal package I will help parents understand the importance of sleep for a new baby, how to start a routine as soon as baby is born, complete a nursery check to ensure baby has a safe happy place to rest. When you set yourself and your baby up for success right from birth you are giving them the tools they need to develop healthy sleep habits for life.

4 months – 17 months

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one. With the 4-17 month package we will work together to identify and correct sleep issues while creating healthy sleep habits, so you and your baby can sleep… like a baby!

What's Included

18 + months

Was your baby once a great sleeper? Or have there always been underlying issues that are now becoming bigger? There are so many changes as your baby becomes a toddler!

What's Included

Carlee supported me beyond what I could have ever expected. Such a kind soul!

Stevie CallaghanClient

We have a happy 5 month old, and two very happy, well rested parents!! Thanks Carlee!

Andrea Hussin4-17 Months

She helped us to realize that it is often the parents who need training more than the babies!

Sharleen Montemurro4-17 Months


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