Carlee supported me beyond what I could have ever expected and made some very tired, dark, days a whole lot brighter and more manageable . Carlee was very knowledgeable in all aspects of sleep training and really helped me understand what was happening with our daughter and what needed to happen . I will recommend Carlee to all my friends whom are craving and no longer know what sleep feels like . I thoroughly enjoy speaking to her, when I do need to, or want to . She is always helpful and able to guide me through the little hurtles that we need to jump with our daughter.

Such a kind soul!

Stevie CallaghanClient

We are so happy we chose Carlee to help us with our sleep journey. Our boy wasn't an awful sleeper but we knew what we were missing as our daughter was an excellent sleeper early on. Carlee provides a personalized plan based on your schedule and can tailor if needed. She is just a call, email of text away, offering great support and knowledge.

Our plan worked within DAYS, getting 11-12 hours of sleep at night and two good naps during the day.

We have a happy 5 month old, and two very happy, well rested parents!! Thanks Carlee!

Andrea Hussin4-17 Months

Carlee was a wealth of information in regards to our son and his sleeping. Not only did she empower us with the tools to succeed, she was prompt in answering our immediate questions and provided the information we need to continue to be successful in the future. She helped us to realize that it is often the parents who need training more than the babies!

Sharleen Montemurro4-17 Months


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